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Healthy Life Therapy has a simple mission – to improve your quality of life through a holistic approach. We have created a network of the most qualified and professional therapists, that can tend to your every need.

Our Services

Physical Therapy

We know that most of our clients are dealing with certain injuries, post-surgery traumas, or body pains that can make their everyday activities painful or uncomfortable. Our professionally trained Physical Therapy team will help you gain the result that you aspire. Undoubtedly, Healthy Life is the ideal partner to trust for receive treatment in a supportive and thoughtful manner.

Occupational Therapy

Everyday activities (occupations) are an integral part of every human being. Some of us need help with barriers that affect one's emotional, social, and physical needs. Such conditions can happen not only to adults but also to children, that is why we treat patients of all ages. To do this, we use everyday activities, exercises, and other therapies, to help people gain the best results. We know, that it is not only the Therapist that has to put in effort but also the family. That is why our specialists work not only with the client but also with the family.

Speech Therapy

Communication is the basis of every human interaction. With this regard, speech therapy helps to improve language development flaws, speech disabilities and practical language skills. We know, that speech disorders can be treated if you give them correct therapy and care.

Why Us

Our therapists are the heart and soul of our organization. The Healthy Life Therapy Team's key principles include passion, empathy, resilience, and, above all, humanity. Here are a few points that we proud ourselves with:

Human warmth

Thanks to the high level of involvement and commitment of our staff in caring and improving the health of our guests, we always make sure that our patients will feel truly pampered and at ease.

Diversity and multiculturalism

We know that language barrier can distract from the essence of exercises, that is why we offer different multilingual specialists who can create the warmth and atmosphere of your mother tongue.

Care coordinators

Our skillful care coordinators will always be in touch with our partner agencies and therapists, thus ensuring the smoothest interaction.

Qualified professionals

We always make sure that we are employing the best professionals to provide up-to-date service with utmost care.

24/7 support

We will be there whenever you require assistance. So, do not hesitate to call us at any time.


We enjoy the journey, that is why we are always ready to face the challenges with passion and enthusiasm.